Inclusive education for Ethiopian schools

Mark Petersen 2018

Organization Name: Christian Horizons Location: Kitchener ON Project Title: Inclusive Education Merger Project (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) Amount Awarded: $76,500 Date Awarded: 25-11-2018 Purpose of Investment: To merge the work of two organization to enable multiplied inclusive education of children in Ethiopia. Participating Grantmakers: Bridgeway Foundation Kehila Foundation Redleaf Foundation River Dali Foundation  Executive Summary: Of the estimated 8 million children … Read More

Two streams converge for better flow

Mark Petersen 2017

  Organization Name: ACTS Location: Vancouver, BC Project Name: ACTS & The Water School Merger Amount Awarded: $30,000.00 Date Awarded: 11/18/2017 Participating Grantmakers: Bridgeway Foundation John & Rebecca Horwood Redleaf Foundation River Dali Foundation Purpose of Investment: To support the merger of two faith-based, Vancouver charities focused on clean water initiatives in Uganda. Executive Summary: With 89% of the $16 … Read More

Media merger

Mark Petersen 2016

Crossroads is facilitating an opportunity for Christian media in Canada to be more effective in their missions.  An integrated administrative infrastructure for the two most watched Christian TV products in Canada and their digital audiences will enable greater synergy.  100 Huntley Street and Context with Lorna Dueck are the two media brands at the focus of this integrative effort.  This … Read More