Canada Cares Campaign for matching grants by feds

Mark PetersenCOVID-19

Today, Stronger Philanthropy joined forces with other charities and partners in the charitable sector across Canada to support the Canada Cares Campaign, a digital campaign mobilizing Canadians to call for a 1:1 matching funds program by the federal government. Charities across Canada have stepped up in a big way throughout this pandemic. In dark clouds of despair and uncertainty, Canada’s … Read More

From lone ranger to effective partnerships

Mark PetersenCapacity Building, News

Businesses and charities are quickly transitioning from a culture where lone rangers protected one’s turf to one of sharing resources and multiplying impact. In the past we worked in isolation and achieved results through a laborious process of addition. Today we are learning to drop one’s guard, trust others who are walking a similar path, and discover the strength of … Read More