Affordable housing expansion in London

Mark Petersen 2018

  Organization Name: Indwell Location: Hamilton ON Project Title: Affordable Housing Expansion Project (London, Ontario) Amount Awarded: $150,000 Date Awarded: 2018-11-25 Purpose of Investment: To expand affordable housing to London, Ontario and bring dignity to those struggling with homelessness and/or mental instability. Participating Grantmakers: Bridgeway Foundation John & Rebecca Horwood Kehila Foundation David & Dorothy Lam Foundation Redleaf Foundation River … Read More

From homeless to artist

Mark Petersen 2018

Organization Name:  Outflow Ministry Location: Saint John NB Project Name: Artist-in-Residence Project Amount Awarded: $40,700 Date Awarded: 25-11-2018 Purpose of Investment: To jumpstart a social innovation project focused on the arts for the homeless in Saint John NB. Participating Grantmakers: Bridgeway Foundation Burro Foundation John & Rebecca Horwood Kehila Foundation David & Dorothy Lam Foundation Redleaf Foundation Executive Summary: Outflow … Read More

Hub for anti-poverty advocacy

Mark Petersen 2017

Organization Name: FH Canada Location: Abbotsford, BC Project Name: Ending Poverty Together Hub Amount Awarded: $60,000.00 Date Awarded: 11/18/2017 Participating Grantmakers: Bridgeway Foundation John & Rebecca Horwood Purpose of Investment: To create and launch a web hub through a partnership with at least eight organizations for shared education and resources on poverty. Executive Summary: Food for the Hungry (FH) Canada … Read More

Families mentoring families

Mark Petersen 2016

The Yonge Street Mission is building its first family-to-family mentor program, which we believe may be the only of its kind in Canada. We will work with a small test group of families to begin in the first year, with the intent to expand to many more families within three years based on program success. Organization Name: The Yonge Street Mission … Read More

Grassroots mentoring

Mark Petersen 2016

Alongsiders International is an innovative new grassroots movement mobilizing young Christians across the developing world to walk alongside those who walk alone, their own neighbours (vulnerable orphans and children in their village/slum). Organization Name: Alongsiders International Foundation Location: Vancouver, BC Project Name: Comic Book Discipleship and Leadership Curriculum Project (Rwanda) Amount Awarded: $25,000.00 Date Awarded: 12/10/2016 Participating Grantmakers: Bridgeway Foundation, Kehila … Read More

Moving in

Mark Petersen 2016

In this project, MoveIn seeks to address the problem of unreached, urban poor people living in high-needs neighbourhoods, where they are unlikely to ever hear the gospel without an active witness moving into their community. There is great need for the Church-at-large to be mobilized to the “bottom billion”, to share the love of Christ, to work for justice for … Read More

Social innovation for energy

Mark Petersen 2016

With population growth increasing there will come increasing demand on energy and on our planet’s finite energy resources. While energy use intensity has gone down in recent years, the total amount of energy used by the human population has risen significantly, as there are more people using energy-using goods and services. Along with increasing energy consumption, energy challenges exist across … Read More

Better health care for the homeless

Mark Petersen 2015

Sanctuary isn’t your typical homeless drop-in or out-of-the-cold shelter.  It’s a vibrant community of people, some of whom lack housing or employment, or who struggle with addictions.  While medical care is readily available in Toronto, those who live on the streets suffer disproportionately and often resist official health care available in hospitals or clinics. Ontario’s Ministry of Health provides funding … Read More

Debt freedom: More opportunities in the GTA

Mark Petersen 2015

Christians Against Poverty Canada is a new charity, only two years old, that has experienced success in ramping up its work quickly.  They offer debt counselling through local churches, and have established a footprint in the Greater Hamilton-Toronto area.  Stronger Together plans to assist their expansion by helping them create three new debt centres in the next year. Project Name: … Read More