Developing community in philanthropy

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Leadership guru Margaret J. Wheatley is an academic and researcher on organizational development who made an impact on me during my DLd studies. Her book, Finding Our Way: Leadership for an Uncertain Time, introduces a framework for the development of authentic communities of praxis in which members grow in confidence and impact as they journey together. She encourages leaders to … Read More

Connecting money to mission

Mark PetersenGrantmaking, Strategy, Vision

Major donors have investments that are earmarked for charitable purposes. But lately I’ve been wondering how to unlock that value. Philanthropy offers a way to see invested funds create social change. It happens through surrender – giving it away. As one surrenders capital, and trusts a valued charity, those investments are channeled into lives changed: education received, capacity built, vision … Read More

Transformed by Generosity

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Stronger Philanthropy has focused in the past on helping its clients to love giving well. But as our group has evolved over the past few years, we’ve realized that the ‘love giving well’ tagline doesn’t encompass all that we want to achieve. Increasingly Stronger Philanthropy finds itself located in the middle ground between major donors and charity leaders, acting as … Read More

Learn How Stronger Philanthropy Brings Charities and Donors Together

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Over the past few years, Stronger Philanthropy has changed the services it offers to charities and major donors alike. We have become a new type of firm that straddles the middle ground between charities and major donors. We exist to bring together these groups for mutual benefit. Our philosophy is grounded in the concept that philanthropy is about more than money. … Read More

Welcome to Legacy Foundation of Canada

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Stronger Philanthropy is pleased to welcome its 12th philanthropic family to our community in 2023. Legacy Foundation of Canada is a Cambridge-based family foundation which supports selected charities benefiting communities in Cambridge (Ontario), Bell Island (Newfoundland), and elsewhere through grants and involvement. A summary of Legacy Foundation of Canada’s priorities and application process for 2023 can be found here. If … Read More

Waiting with hope this Christmas

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As you pause at this sacred moment near the end of 2022, breathe in the hope that awaits our world. New life emerges in the darkness, the light of Christ breaks in. Wishing you joy and peace, Mark

Budgeting for greater disbursements in 2023

Mark PetersenDisbursement Quota

Changes to the Disbursement Quota (DQ) will impact private foundations as they budget for their giving in 2023. Imagine Canada advises private foundations to consider new legislation coming into effect next year. They state: As per the Federal Budget released in April 2022, the disbursement quota – the percentage that registered charities such as foundations are required to disburse each … Read More

Giving during turbulence

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Recent months have been volatile with dramatic geopolitical events, financial markets expressing uncertainty, and the underpinnings of our society seeming to come unglued. Emotions are high. How should generous people respond during these times? When life gets crazy, many of us are tempted to hunker down and wait for the storms to pass. It’s a natural reaction. Gather your loved … Read More

Streamlining our process

Mark PetersenApplication Process, Community

We continue to streamline our process to make it easier for charities to connect with major donors, and vice versa. We’ve reduced it down to a 2-step process: If you’re new to Stronger Philanthropy or if it’s been awhile since you’ve connected, you’ll want to Book an Initial Meeting. You’ll meet with Mark Petersen and learn what we offer and … Read More